Fred Wissen first got into wood turning years ago when he attended a pen making class at the Norfolk Woodcraft. Since then, his wood turning hobby has expanded into handcrafted bowls, pendants, and many styles of pens. Tapping into his engineering background, Fred has also learned to custom design handcrafted molds to pour your own polyester resin and other casted pen blanks. He has been a member of International Association of Penturners (IAP) for a few years and is nicknamed PTownSubbie on their forum.  Tina has also developed her own style of beautiful polymer clay blanks which she attributes to arts and crafts from her childhood.   



Patterson Grant


Patterson is always on the hunt for new and exciting items to cast. His “Tru Card” and Patriotic are featured at fine pen suppliers such as The Classic Nib, Turners Warehouse, and others. These are playing cards that he wraps around a tube and cast, perfect for your card playing customers. Patterson is currently serving our country in the U.S. Army and resides in Grovetown, Georgia.


Robert Marquis Sr.

Robert is the owner of T. Shadow & Co., providing “Tools for the wood turner by a wood turner”.



Tim Geist

Tim makes TBC bushings and adapters, Sanding Fixtures, and drill press vices.

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Steve Kondo

Steve makes segmented pen blanks out of exotic wood and spectraply. Steve’s segmented blanks are featured with several well known pen supply retailers, such as Arizona Silhouette,  & Turners Warehouse,  Most people know Steve because of the beautiful writing instruments he handcrafts and the kindness he offers on the Facebook pen turning groups.  Always words of wisdom, kindness, and the willingness to help anyone, Steve can be found in the studio with a chisel in one hand and a fine, Cuban cigar in the other.


Niels & Debbie Mathiasen

The Classic Nib

Niels and Debbie Mathiasen purchased Classic Nib in 2016 after turning for almost a decade and they have added their years of business experience to their passion for turning.  They strive to bring you the best quality kits, supplies, and blanks from our featured artists.  They have attended MAPG 2016, SEPG 2017, MOVPTG 2017 and can’t wait to see you at MOVPTG 2018. We are proud members and supporters of IAP and AAW.


Andrew Amtower 


Tim Cost


Woodpeckers Landing

Woodpecker’s Landing is based out of central Tennessee.  Owners Bennie Ray Watkins JR. & Julee McNeill specialize in filling orders one on one with customers searching for that exquisite piece for their project.  Woodpecker’s Landing carries domestic and exotics in turning stock and lumber.

Turners Warehouse

Turners Warehouse was started by Chad because he wanted to help bring great products and service to makers.  He shares not only great products but knowledge of selling and making via blog post and videos.



Casters Choice

Most of us know the Casting kid from his Tuesday night live feed but Brian & Sarah are the owners of Casters Choice Mica Powders, Brian has been a source of information for everything from casting to turning and hes always trying to grow the hobby by helping others.